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Galatians 4:4-5But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.

Congress 2012

HGC2012 Friday Prayer Points

  1. Praise God that you are able to make it tonight, the fact that you came means that the devil has lost the battle over you.
  2. Father, please perform wonders in my body, so that I will never be sick again.
  3. Father, perform a wonder in my marriage, so that it will become a model for others to copy
  1. Father, perform a wonder in my family so that we'll never know sorrow again.
  1. Father, perform a wonder in my finances so that I will soon be lending to nations
  1. Father, anoint me so heavily that evil forces will see me coming and run.
  1. Father any evil left in this old year, keep it far from my home
  1. Any signs and wonders left in this old year, send them to my home
  2. Father, before the year ends, let my testimonies be complete and perfect
  1. Father, forever let me be a channel of blessings
  1. Personal
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HGC2012 Thursday Summary

Congress 2012 - Signs and Wonders Day 4 Report
from RCCG Internet Outreach
Its day 4 and Redemption Camp is already filling up.  If you are not already here, hurry up and get here for your own Signs and Wonders.

Congress 2012 - Signs and Wonders

Day 4 Report


Congress is moving to a climax as  thousands of people throng  into Redemption Camp.  Be part of what God is doing here.  It is definitely the time for Signs and Wonders and you don't want to miss out.


The General Overseer, Pastor E. A. Adeboye invites you to come, get connected and key in into your personal Signs and Wonders.   I pray God bless you as you come in Jesus name.


As of 8pm Thursday, December 13th, the number of babies born in this Congress have risen to 34, 15 boys and 19 girls, let the boys shout halleluiah and let the girls shout glory.


Many notable ministers of God are already here, among them is the Vice President of Integrity Music, Don Muen, who ministered powerfully during an extraordinary presentation of his many hit songs to the delight of the congregation who sang along cheerfully with many watching online on our live streams and listening on Liveway Radio.


Liveway Radio is broadcasting on FM channel around the Redemption Camp on Frequency 106.0  If you are stuck in your car and you can't get to the Arena, tune in to Liveway Radio in your car at 106.0 FM


The VineSong team from England, led by Pastor John are here also.  They have been ministering here since Monday when the Congress 2012 - Signs and Wonder started.


Here are the list of ministers for Thursday, Dec 13th 2012 at Redemption Camp


Propet Dr. S. K. Abiara prayed for the family

Rev Jovic Galaraga took talk 1

Pastor Adesina from Abeokuta prayed for the youth

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor took talk 2


Message summary by Pastor E. A. Adeboye

Text: 1 king 15 v 36 -39


The kinds of prayer that will work wonders are in 3 parts, the prayer that must produce signs and wonders must have the following characteristics


Your prayer must start with a worship of God Matthew 6:9


The God of Abraham is the God that can make the impossible possible

The God of Isaac is the God of laughter

The God of Israel is the God of mercy

The God of Jacob is the God of exceeding greatness


Why do we begin our prayer with worship?  it is because many at times our greatest challenge is that we are not even sure if he is near us or far away.  However when you start  by worshipping the Lord, He will draw near to you according to Isaiah 55:3.


And whatever you ask he will answer.

You ask Him to proof Himself;

Ask Him to show your sickness He is the healer

Ask Him to show your failures that He is the Almighty

Ask Him to show bareness that He is the fruitful vine.


 Finally, Tell Him the reason why you are making the request is that so His name might be glorified.



The Lord said through you the world will know the power of divine connection

The Lord said you are not only coming out of prison tonight, I am going to destroy the prison

The Lord said my plan to make you a divine treasurer has not change.


             PRAYER POINTS

  1. Worship God; call Him as many of His names as you can remember until you can fee His presence near you.
  2. Father, tell all my sicknesses, my aches, my pains that you are the Great Physician, proof Yourself to them Lord.
  3. Father, tell every diseases; whatever may be their names, in anybody here tonight that you are the Great Physician.
  4. Father, tell all my enemies from my father's house, my husband's house, in my in-law, those in my place of work , tell them you are my Defender.
  5. Father, tell all demons in my life, every evil covenant, tell them you are the Lord of host, everything that is evil in my life, proof to them that you are the Lord of host.
  6. Father show poverty, lack, failure in my life that you are my Provider, proof yourself.
  7. Father show retardation, lack of progress, stagnation in my life that you are my Promoter, tell them Lord.
  8. Show every form of bareness, every fruitless efforts in my life that you are the One who commanded that I will be fruitful and multiply.
  9. God of Isaac, put laughter in my mouth tonight abundantly
  10. Any appointment I may have with death, father cancel it.

 Join us for live streaming at these links


Live Radio at


We are streaming live from Redemption Camp to the whole world on a cluster of 35 cloud servers, 3 network servers, on six live channels


The streams are available on most mobile phone and devices.


Liveway Radio now broadcasts to audiences around Redemption Camp from our New Studio up to 15 miles radius on frequency 106.0 FM. If you are stucked 


Solomon O. Onita
RCCG Internet Outreach
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Congress 2012 - Signs and Wonders - Day 3 Updates

Congress 2012 Updates
Signs and Wonders from RCCG Internet Outreach
Redemption Camp is bubbling with activities and increasingly filling up as expected.  God is here performing Signs and Wonders.  Key into this incredible anointing and be blessed.
Wishing you every happiness this Congress. Thank you for being our listener. You are blessed in Jesus name.
Enjoy the Congress 2012 Updates - Day 3 

Solomon O. Onita
RCCG Internet Outreach

Congress 2012 - Signs and Wonders


Pst E, A., Adeboye Daddy GO's Message

Text:    Ezekiel 37 V 4


The Lord Almighty can do all things, He is the all knowing God, Psalm 115 v 15 He is the sovereign one.


The one more appropriate name of God to describe Him tonight can be found in Revelation 1 v8 He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, the One who is the One who was and the One who is to come.


Now what is the implication of this?  It means what has gone, what is happening and what is to come all meet together in Him.


As a result of this He controls time and season, Daniel 2v 20 -21. If He wants He can stop time like it happen in Joshua 12 v 10 -14;


He told the Sun to stay where it was and don't set, and the sun stood still.

He can do more than that, He can reverse time according to Isaiah 8v 7-8  The past present and future coincide in Him.


He can go right into the past pick something there and bring it to the present meaning He can pick what you thought you have lost forever and bring it back to you again.


He can go into the future and bring it to the present, like in the case of the wedding in the Canaan of Galilee; when His mother told him the wine is finished, Jesus Christ said woman my time has not yet come but that same day His time came and He performed His first miracle.


He made laws to control nature and gravity, but all these laws are made for His pleasure according to Revelation 4 v 1-11.


Whenever He wants He can suspend the laws, just like He did in 2 king 6 v 1-7, you don't need much of science to know that if you throw a wood into the water it will float, but when the axe head of the sons of the prophet fell into the water in 2 Kings 6 v 1-17, Elisha cut a wood, threw it into the water and the axe head float instead of the wood.


He can suspend law, He can reverse them, and then He can override them.

The Lord in His sovereigns can restore lost opportunity.  He can change curses into blessings. 


You will see this in Genesis 49 v 5-7 when Joshua placed a curse on anyone who tries to build the wall of Jericho but years later in Numbers 3 v 11 Elisha put an end to that curse and turned it into a blessing.


God can also  keep a destiny in suspense if you look at Daniel 4  King Nebuchadnezzar offended God , so he turned him to an animal for seven years.  


Everybody was looking at him as an animal, humanly speaking it was over for him, but in the whole seven years nobody dethroned him, until He restore him back as a king and added excellent majesty to him.


God can turn dry bones into an army, He can make hopeless situation to be hopeful. He can reverse the irreversible.


The question now is for whom will God do this?  These are the kind of people who serve God voluntarily according to 2 Kings 4 v 8-17.

God is not ready to help the one who is not ready seek for Him Mark 11 v 46.


Lastly anyone who is going to have the irreversible reversed, must surrender to Him completely.


                                   PRAYER POINTS

  1.         Praise Him because of His Almightiness He can do all things
  2.         Father, You are the Help of the helpless please help me.
  3.         Please restore to me Father every opportunities that I have lost.
  4.         Father, give me another chance.
  5.         Father, change every curse in my life to a blessing.
  6.         Father, if need be re-write my destiny for the better tonight.
  7.         Father, reverse the irreversible for me tonight.



Daddy says whatever blessings you have already will not be lost.

Daddy says stop seeking human attention, I Am all you need and I Am more than sufficient.


The Lord said very soon it will be difficult to belief you were once a failure.


The Lord says never again will the devil have a say concerning your progress.



Victor Jackson: He has a SS genotype that God turned to AA

David Philip: He sowed 60% of his wedding gift to God and got back double of it.


Mike Mohammed: A blind man that can now see

Esther Olouniyo: Came into the camp ground for this congress and God healed from kidney dialysis


Joseph Oyewuse: used anointing oil and there was safe delivery


This is the cream on the icing, the picture below shows a baby delivered through caesarian operation with all her intestine out and God saved the baby's life and just below is her picture as of today. Talk about Signs and Wonders!


As at nine pm, children born are 20 including a set of twins are born. 9 boys, 11 girls.  


 Connect to live streams at

connect to liveway Radio at

Give your testimonies at our
testimony forum   


Please when you give testimony, state your name, your City, State and Country and what God has done for you, Praise God.

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HGC2012 Tuesday Prayer Points

  1. Praise God because His word has already gone out to you and it will not return to Him void.

  2. Father according to Exodus 15 i can enjoin divine health if I hearken diligently to your word and obey. I will hearken diligently to your word and obey. I hereby decree that from now on, I will enjoin divine health.

  3.   Father, according to Psalm 23:6 if i dwell permanently with you; goodness and mercy shall follow me. I hereby decree because I will dwell permanently, that Goodness and mercy shall be mine all the days of my life.

  4. Father, according to Psalm 91 because I am going to dwell with you no evil shall come near me, I hereby decree because i am going to dwell permanently with you, evil will never come near my dwelling place again.

  5. Father, according to Psalm 118:17 because I will witness, I will tell people about your good works, I hereby decree I shall live, I shall not die.

  6. Father, according to John 15:16 if I am constantly winning souls for you all my prayers will be answered, I hereby decree that from now on before I call God please answer.

  7. Personal prayer request.

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HGC2012 Thursday Prayer Points

  1. Worship Him, until you feel his presence near you, call Him all the names you know
  1. Father, tell my sickness, my aches my pains, that you are the great physician
  1. Father, tell every disease in anybody here tonight that you are the great healer, proof yourself
  2. Father tell all my enemies whether from my father side or my mother side or from the in-law side or even in the place of work, tell them that u are my defender, proof yourself that u're my defender
  1. Tell all demons in my life, every evil covenants in my life, tell them that you are the lord of hosts, proof to every demon, every evil covenant everything that is evil proof to them
  1. Father show poverty, lack, failure in my life that you are my provider, proof your self  that you are my provider
  2. Father show retardation, lack of progress and stagnation in my life that you are my promoter, show them
  1. Show every form of barrenness, every fruitless effort in my life that you are the one who commanded that I should be fruitful and multiply, show them, proof to them that you are the one who commanded me to be fruitful and multiply!
  2. Father, God of Isaac, put laughter in my mouth tonight, abundantly
  3. Any appointment I may have with death, Father, cancel it
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